Team Loca-3D


Localization Orientation and 3D CArtography

The goal of this challenge is to develop and experiment accurate location solutions for emergency intervention officers and security forces. These solutions must be efficient inside buildings and more generally in conditions where satellite positioning systems do not work satisfactorily. The objective is to improve competences in autonomous location solutions (trajectography) in disturbed environment. Secondary functions such as agent orientation and 3D cartography (3D mapping) of visited areas are also expected.

Our LOCA-3D Project (Location, Orientation and 3D CArtography) aim is to overcome this lack of knowledge in technical and technological aspects of indoor location while respecting the challenge constraints. Our solution based on combination of several sensors (inertial and optical) allows the primary locating function and the secondary functions (orientation and 3D mapping) to be executed.

The concept is based on an advanced inertial system allowing the agent trajectory to be calculated. A part of the inertial sensor drift is compensated by the vision system which simultaneously generates scatter plots. The trajectory reconstitution of the moving system allows these scatter plots to be referenced in a global system. Transversely, the solution uses robust methods of 3D reconstruction from scatter plots and measurement noise filtering in order to keep the coherent part of the information. The 3D mapping will be executed by off-line and progressive reconstruction. The proposed consortium is complementary. Each partner will bring a strong added value to the development of the global solution.