Team Poucet


Urban Positioning Connected in Terrestrial Environment

The scientific research in the field of indoor localization by radio signal analysis is mainly based on an initial phase to take into account the very heterogeneous aspect of this type of environment. The heterogeneity of indoor environments composed of open spaces, more or less thick walls, floors and sometimes several basement levels makes it a complex area to deploy an operational location solution. Radio signals are particularly distorted in a building and this must be taken into account for an accurate location.

The POUCET project consortium (Urban Positioning Connected in Terrestrial Environment) will explore an indoor location solution without any intial phase in the building. Our analysis conducts us towards a solution composed of an external structure of repositories that can be placed immediatly and in a self-calibrating way exploiting crossing signals through the building and adding several indoor system measurements. The challenge will be to use and adapt few indoor measurement systems and to merge the collected data to produce more robust and accurate results. The measurement of the time of flight and the radio signal strengths are the two methods that will be explored. The challenge of our project is to propose original solutions positively combining several localization solutions with different operating characteristics.