Team Smart-Iloc


Wearable indoor-outdoor localisation system

The challenge MALIN offers, in a competition context, the opportunity and means to accelerate innovations in the field of indoor localization in non-collaborative environment. Several technologies can be chosen to tackle this problem, but none today provides the sufficient reliability and robustness for intervention agents, particularly military, police or firefighters. Computer vision has many advantages to offer solutions, and this technology is already mature in controlled environments. To ensure the reliability and robustness required by the context of the challenge, the reinforcement of complementary sensors, in particular inertial sensors, will be essential. In this project, the CEA / NEXTER consortium will therefore work to improve vision technologies, as well as fusion technologies with different sensors and in particular with inertial sensors to progress on the algorithms, while ensuring a hardware design of the system wearable by an agent, thus limiting volume and weight and studying the position of the sensors on the person. The performance requirement of the system and the competitive environment require that a portion of the work will be devoted to several test campaigns, followed by the necessary corrections and improvement efforts.